Radio Report 3-17-20

A recent Successful Farming magazine’s article caught my attention because it indicated that today, farmers are retiring in greater numbers than in the past decade. It pointed out that when profit margins are tight, more transitions occur, but the next generation isn’t eager take over operation of a farm because cash returns are declining. So in many instances, rather than following in mom and pop’s footsteps, the kids are more likely to want to sell the farm, because good Midwest farmland is selling for $10,000 or more per acre, which looks like a better deal for children to consider. However, some farmers are placing their farms in trusts so they can’t be sold, to protect a legacy that retiring parents worked to build through hard work and sacrifice throughout their lives. They aren’t about to see their children sell off everything. read more

Radio Script 03-03-20

Good morning. This is Bob Bragg. Welcome to the March 3rd edition of Farm News & Views

Drought conditions are intensifying in the western U.S.,with the Four Corners Region having the largest area of extreme drought. California’s snowpack is at 46% of normal, which is concerning because the Sierra Nevada mountains provide about one third of state’s water supply and when storms don’t come from California, the Four Corners Region is usually shot of snow. This is borne out by the latest SnoTel Report, which indicates that the Dolores, San Juan and Animas River watersheds are less about 90% of normal. However, snowfall during March often adds significant moisture, and the National Weather Service long range forecast indicates that there is some chance of more normal precipitation over the next 30 days both in California and the Four Corners Region. read more