Radio Script 11-5-19

Cow and bull elk. USF&W photo by Ryan Hagerty

Last Friday, USDA’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced that it is suspending its plan to phase-in the use of electronic ID (RFID) tags for all cattle and bison that would be moved interstate after by January1, 2023 . According information from APHIS the plan was changed in response to an executive order that President Trump issued citing the need for transparency and communication of issues “before placing any new requirements on American farmers and ranchers.” In its statement withdrawing those regulations, APHIS said it has “listened to the industry’s feedback.” R-CALF USA filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Casper, WY, in October with the intent to halt the plan. Despite the executive orders withdrawing the plan, APHIS acknowledged the continuing need for a national animal ID program. read more